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4we, ohi, m, m, j, rf, 8, 0qs, 44, ikt, q0l, 867, 6q, ke1, ay, m11, ai, Classic Floral Blue Pure Silk Pocket Square – The Bennett Brothers
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Classic Floral Blue Pure Silk Pocket Square

د.إ46.50 د.إ36.50

The premium quality Silk fabric of this Pocket Square is what makes it long-lasting. Along with an alluring Floral pattern printed on the Blue color. This stunning silk Pocket Square features a repeating Aqua flower and silver paisley pattern set against a blue background. Looking for an exquisite tie for your next wedding/cocktail reception or any occasion.  Pair it with one of our intricate Neck Tie.

Wearing Bennett Brothers accessories is an effective way to make you look charming and energetic. You can find the most elegant designed fashion apparels and accessories with beautiful colors for any occasion

  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Polyester, Silk
  • Finish: Glossy

Key Features

  • Premium quality product
  • Perfect finish
  • Handmade with care
  • Best quality Microfiber
  • Classy packaging
  • A perfect option for gifting
  • Hand wash or Dry clean


Love your look as you walk down the essence of your workplace or a party. The Bennett brothers add a special touch to your decent attire by offering this amazing looking pocket square. Design on this pocket square is a paisley pattern. This stunning silk Pocket Square features a repeating Aqua flower and silver paisley pattern set against a blue background. Let this alluring, microfiber stitched, console your attire The piece is 100% handmade with the use of specially manufactured microfiber used for its fabrication. The piece is wrapped in a handsome box before delivering it to your doorstep. The piece is crafted using the most authentic handcrafted techniques along with the use of finest quality fiber in its craftsmanship exhibiting zero quality compromise.

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